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This extremely well re-searched document was authored by a Canadian graduate of Christendom College as a final graduate thesis. He then continued his education and graduated from a major American Law School in Florida. He is now employed by a major law firm in the US and wishes at this point to remain anonymous.
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Where Do We Go From Here? - David T. Little

Most of you know by now that the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) rejected my appeal on January 14th 2010 at 9:45AM. I was not surprised given the culture of death pervading our country, indeed the world. Though I was disappointed, realistically, as the SCC chooses to hear only 70 of the 600+ Applications for Appeal filed each year it was no shock to hear our case was dismissed along with all 24 others that were dismissed that day. Judges at all levels Christian or not are affected by the culture of death of our day.

I will attend an appearance in April before the original trial Judge, Leslie Jackson, Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of New Brunswick. I was ordered by Judge Jackson at trials end on November 7, 2007 to file my tax returns for 2000, 2001 and 2002 and pay a fine of $1000 for each year. The maximum penalty is $25,000 and/or one year in jail for each year. I was given the absolute minimum.  No lawyer that I know of has ever heard of such a meek sentence for someone who has been a plague to the respondent (Revenue Canada) for almost three decades. I will do exactly what I have said publicly and in open court from the beginning. I will pay no fine nor ever file a tax return again until the law is rescinded permitting income tax funded abortion. Judge Jackson ordered 22 days in jail in lieu of each $1000 fine. So I will spend 66 days in jail, likely beginning April 2010. Yet it is what will happen after I get out of jail that is quite a mystery.

I know from experience Revenue Canada and their political bosses are timid of committed rational non-violent pro-lifers. I first stated in a newspaper interview in February of 1982 that I'd rather go to jail than pay taxes for abortion. Back then, fed up though I was with the hypocrisy of Prime Minister Trudeau and Chretien and other so called 'Catholic' political leaders, I did not at all have the courage of my convictions.

Fed up once more but with stiffened resolute courage given me by the grace of God through very much prayer, at last, I could wait no longer. The Great Jubilee Year was upon us. 1999 would be the last year I would file until the law was changed. Revenue Canada ignored me for 38 months after I stopped filing. On July 8, 2003, I wrote a letter criticizing Prime Minister Chretien's support of abortion and same-sex marriage as a 'Catholic'. That letter is here.

It does not take a cynic to see that someone in the PM's office contacted Revenue Canada to see what dirt might be dug up about this "Little" man.  It is illegal for anyone to enquire into private citizens tax files without the citizen's knowledge. In August of 2003 they finally demanded I file, giving me 90 days. I wrote a letter to the Revenue Minister, bottom line: I would never file again until the law was changed. They ignored me for another year. Another Prime Minister, Paul Martin took over in 2004. I wrote to him as well which can be seen immediately after the above letter. Three weeks or so later they finally charged me. Finally I was free to address the issue face on and in public.

The rest is history, all of which is available on this site. See "The Legal case" and "News" navigation tabs for all documentation and news. My point in all this is that my lawyer, a Professor of Law, an expert in Constitutional Law in both the US and Canada, or any other lawyer is not prepared to do anything but guess on what is to happen after I serve my 66 day sentence. Some suggest they may try to ignore me, lay no further charges, or just forget about me hoping I will just fade away.  I will not let that happen. If I am not brought back to court and ordered once more to file for the first 3 years, I will hold a press conference and demand that I be treated as any other citizen according to their so called 'rule of law'.

And what about my tax returns of 2003, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10? Are they going to forget about them? I will demand that I be treated with the same legal consequences as everyone else. All this speaks to a larger issue. My intention is to fight for the end of tax funded abortion and for the re-criminalization of abortion as the plain murder it is.

The Supreme Court Act (of Canada) says that it's criterion for selection of cases to be heard by the full 9 judges is when "the Supreme Court is of the opinion that any question involved therein is, by reason of its public importance or the importance of any issue of law or any issue of mixed law and fact involved in that question, one that ought to be decided by the Supreme Court or is, for any other reason, of such a nature or significance as to warrant decision by it, and leave to appeal from that judgment is accordingly granted by the Supreme Court." (Sec. 40)

Public importance is decidedly a political question and only by opinion a judicial question. What is of public importance is decided by the public through their politicians, political activists and ordinary citizens and most certainly not simply and finally by 9 persons sitting in Ottawa.

The fact is abortion is not considered politically of "public importance" so it never gets debated as it ought to in a democracy by Parliament, let alone the people. The current Prime Minister, Steven Harper, does not even want the word "abortion" mentioned in caucus and strives to make certain that no private member's bill will address the issue. (Google: "Andrew Coyne" and "Morgentaler" and read the MacLean's magazine article for a deeper understanding of this.) But all the polls suggest the public is very divided and very interested in abortion, which is what a democracy is all about: debate. (See Canada's most respected Polling group, Angus Reid, which speaks about my case, click on the full PDF to get the full impact of my contention, especially the ignorance of just what is going on re: abortion in Canada.)

And equally important see this editorial commentary by the Publisher of the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph, who happens to be my oldest son.

To answer the lead question: Where Do We Go From Here? We go to victory with the Lord Jesus Christ, in court, in jail or anywhere He asks of us as a family and as an apostolate in service to His Majesty, the King of Kings. We will keep you posted of course. Of course we pray for all of you in our Family Rosary. Prayer is the most important thing. Pray for us please.

Love and prayers always in Jesus and Mary,


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