The World St. Thomas More Society: A Catholic Apostolate for Human Life, True Marriage, Family and Chastity
An Open Article to all Catholics and People of Good Will
Week 4 - Monday, March 23, 2009

The State of Emergency and exigency in which our world finds itself, is directly linked to the hundreds of millions, even billions of untimely and unjust deaths of innocent human beings in the womb.  This crime in particular has caused us to lose the favor, blessing, and protection by GOD upon us, and our nations from both evil and self-destruction.  Over the last four decades, Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother have revealed to many visionaries and mystics throughout the world, a great deal concerning this single issue of murdering innocent unborn babies, and what humanity is calling down upon itself, if it does not stop this abomination!  HEAVEN ITSELF has been warning us!  Make no mistake; this innocent blood crying out to GOD is calling down upon us Divine JUSTICE and WRATH.  We have stupendously failed as stewards of creation's greatest gift, human life!

The death of innocent babies can never be the "solution" to unbridled, immoral and degenerate promiscuous behavior.  Our unwillingness to change for our own personal good and for the common good has resulted in countless social dilemmas, spiraling out of control.  Like it or not, we all must take a stance, an active part.  In such decisive and critical times; it is unreasonable, unacceptable, and counterproductive to remain indifferent or complacent while languishing in some form of cowardly repose.  It is apparent and paramount that in order for truth, rights, and freedoms to be justly and rightly maintained, we the people must become actively engaged to have them upheld and preserved. 

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen stated: "Everyone in life has at least one great moment to come to GOD.  How each of us reacts depends on whether we have a background of good will or bad will.  In some, there is a will to sin, with occasional good actions being the interruptions to an abiding evil intention.  In others, there is a good will; and though a bad action may occasionally cut a tangent across it, the will, being good, is ready to make amends and make all sacrifices to follow the directives of conscience and the actual graces of moment." 

Are there still present on earth good souls with a properly formed conscience who possess a good will to see the truth, goodness, and justice of what one man is doing on behalf of not only all the unborn babies, but of all humanity?

I invite and encourage all those who have 'eyes to see' and 'ears to hear,' to seriously consider helping and supporting Mr. David T. Little in this fight to end tax-funded abortion!  David, who after over 30 years of defending human life, is now undertaking the heroic challenge, as a conscientious objector by legally challenging this issue in the courts of law. 

He opposes, as we all should, any use of taxpayer money, which funds the destruction of human life, especially in the womb!  It is important to note that he is not opposed to paying taxes, for he knows the inherent needs of society and Church teaching on the common good.  He only opposes the particular tax provisions that misappropriate money to fund abortion murder and other crimes and issues that are intrinsic to this abomination.  He seeks, on our behalf, to have these provisions rescinded, terminated, and prohibited, thereby freeing all taxpayers from unknowingly or knowingly, directly or indirectly becoming morally complicit in the death of innocent human life. 

He is calling to task and definition, the rights and protections granted to all citizens and people (born and pre-born) through the media and The World St. Thomas More Society, to all nations and peoples who enjoy the benefits of Constitutions, Declarations, Preambles, Charters, and Bills, all of which contain very clear and defined language which is crucial and necessary for challenging that which is clearly and undeniably unconstitutional, unlawful, unjust, illicit, and gravely immoral.

It should come as no surprise that some media covering this case seeks to portray David T. Little as a lazy, non-taxpaying, ne'er-do well.  That portrayal could not be anything further from the truth!  It is self evident that most media support abortion and attempts to label those who defend life and truth, as people who are archaic and outmoded, uneducated and antiquated. Some media people reveal through their immaturity an incredible lack of self-introspection and wisdom.  For these very labels, in truth, apply to themselves.

I know David and his family very well. I know the key people he has worked with, and I have seen up close the voluminous, noble, and heroic effort and work he is putting into this case.  Incredibly, he has been representing himself without legal counsel (because he cannot afford it).  Intellectually speaking, I do not know any other person as erudite, articulate, and as brilliantly qualified as he is to undertake this extremely difficult challenge. 

Anyone who has a clue or knows anything about law, court proceedings, and the unending protocol, knows that it can demand immense and exhaustive effort, energy, time, money, and knowledge to argue a case.  Especially this case!  It is important to bear in mind that he himself is not an attorney, and it is equally important to bear in mind whom he seeks to defend and protect.  Not only the unborn innocents, but you and I and our posterity.

I interject here the words of wisdom of Pope John Paul II who boldly teaches:  "Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights - for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture - is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended within maximum determination."  Powerful words coming from not only a man, but a true representative of the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD.  An historical figure in history who had the humility, love, and charisma to attract and amass the largest and greatest audiences of unrivaled numbers (millions and millions) to any given place and venue on earth, throughout all of history!  Loved and respected by so many, especially the youth of our world!

It is no accident that David began a personal relationship with John Paul the Great and Blessed Mother Teresa as early as 1984. They, above all, knew the relevance, importance, and critical nature of David's work. Now he seeks to imitate them, to truly become like them, a saint.

May I add that in knowing David deeply, he is clearly a man of excellent character. He is a man of great trust and faith in GOD!  He is a loving husband and father. David is a daily communicant. He is above all a man of prayer, very faithful to our LORD in Eucharistic Adoration, spending hours every day before the Blessed Sacrament.  All things considered, I refer to him in my heart as 'one of the last of the Mohicans.' 

He is a dear friend of mine, and I to him.  I am grateful to have befriended David, who for over 30 years has been an admirable defender and supporter of human life.  In 1984, he successfully founded The Catholic Foundation for Human Life with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who sent him to the Pope. Blessed Mother Teresa and David were close friends until she died in 1997. He established seven Crisis Pregnancy Centers, a home for unwed mothers in the 80's and 90's.

He was Vice President of the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction for five years advancing NaproTechnology, the technology concerning the latest scientific advances that support and promote Natural Family Planning.  This reproductive technology, endorsed by the Church, has continuously proven to be far more successful, safer, and less costly than the so-called "reproductive technologies" such as IVF, that violates the human person, the conjugal act of marriage and Church teaching. 

As he is simple and transparent, so is his legal case. All details of which are posted on The World St. Thomas More Society's website. The case appeals to both the consciences and coffers of our lawmakers.  It is absolutely clear that consciences can be shrouded thereby rendering them unsound and unfit whereby words of truth and right reason no longer matter.  And, as regards to the coffers, we know that whenever money is concerned, it causes a greater and more direct affect.  Prideful and imprudent leaders resent anyone who would call them out on criminal, wasteful, and unjust spending.  Their personal arrogance and pride simultaneously blinds them and wants to take precedence over justice and overwhelming truth.  

David, in our stead, is willing to fight this to the end.  He is in great need of your prayers, help, and support!  Stand up and be counted amongst the lambs of GOD as defenders of the innocent.  Please, pray and fast for a victorious outcome of this unprecedented court battle!  Please give alms generously for this cause, for Our LORD's generosity shall never be outdone.

He and his family are deeply impoverished as a result of his sacrificial stand. I personally have been financially helping and supporting David as I came to the understanding of the TRUTH, weight, and magnitude of this historical case. The impact of a victory would be wonderful for humanity within the whole economy of salvation history! If Canada, a highly respected nation internationally, prohibits tax money from funding abortion, it will signal the death knell for abortion throughout the world!

If your heart, mind, and conscience are calling and compelling you to become supportive in any way, please follow those inspirations.  Seize the grace of the moment!  No doubt, there are a multitude of causes to stand up for in this world.  However, I hope to have sincerely demonstrated that this is the core issue, and that which all other issues are born from.  Think about it, how can our society ever hope to adequately care for, provide, help, and protect born citizens (young, middle-aged, or elderly), when we have failed so miserably to help those who are the weakest, most defenseless, most vulnerable, and in the greatest need of care and protection in the womb! 

Experience is clearly showing that in a society and culture where 'anything goes'....everything will in fact... go!  The very fabric of society is unraveling at a daunting and break-neck speed!  The social framework of the family, values, virtues, courtesy, morals, justice, order, peace, charity, etc., etc., all are going away!  Quickly!

Prolonged incompetent, unwilling, and corrupt leadership engaging in incessant and uninterrupted violations of public trust while enacting unconstitutional and unjust laws have led us to decline to a post-modern, post-Christian society which seems to be becoming more barbaric than civilized. 

Our hearts are heavy and deeply troubled when we think about the future (even near future) of our children and grandchildren.  They are counting on us and trusting and relying on us for guidance.  What shall we tell them of their inheritance of such staggering and seemingly irreversible problems of humanity and of our world?  What shall we tell them of the ways in which we sincerely tried to make for a better world?  In what ways shall we tell them of how we stood up against, what Pope John Paul II called, "Our Culture of Death." 

We all want a better world, but it needs and pleads for our help, efforts, and support.  We can help in a wonderful and relatively easy way.  We have someone who is going to bat for us, willing to go to jail if need be for the rest of his life, in our place for our tiny brothers and sisters. He is like King David, his patron saint, little and alone before the Goliath of our day, abortion murder. He is doing our work, but he needs our help to adequately and successfully address this core issue that is the epicenter of so much widespread suffering.  By helping David, you help humanity because he is representing us all!  With heartfelt pleas, I encourage all to please pray fervently, fast as regularly as you can, and give alms in sacrifice towards this cause.

During this momentous time of history, in these concluding hours of this period of mercy granted to mankind by GOD, how can we not come to David's aid, and to the aid and rescue of our society's most precious resource - our children? To forsake our greatest resource, GOD HIMSELF, our source of joy, meaning, and tender love on earth, would be a supreme crime.  May our hearts never become so insensitive, cold, stony, and inhumane, but instead grow in love, faith, and generosity!

May our Holy Triune GOD bless us all through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and through the intercession of St. Joseph, the Holy Innocents, and the entire Church Triumphant!  FIAT!

Matthew Thomas

New York, USA

Lent, 2009

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