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Mother Teresa of Calcutta, H.H. Pope John Paul II and David T. Little
May 26,1986

This photo was taken by Arturo Mari, official  photographer to His Holiness
Pope John Paul II in May of 1986. It was taken in the Clementina, the
largest of the formal audience halls in the Apostolic Palace, about the size
of a basketball court but emblazoned with the most glorious art by Michelangelo,
Raphael and other great masters. It is also the room where the Pope lay in
state for private viewing after his death. On this day Mother and David met
with the Pope to discuss the work of the Catholic Foundation for Human Life
founded by David in 1984. Mother had brought 400 children and their
adopted parents to see the Pope; the children were saved from late term
abortions in India and Mother and her sisters bought them from Indian abortion
doctors after histerotomies. The sister raised them two or three years, then
gave them to Italian couples in adoption. You will see the children with us
later in this PHOTO GALLERY.

1. Malcolm Muggeridge, a wonderful and great man who became a Catholic
after 80 because of the example of Mother Teresa and the integrity and intellect
of Pope John Paul II. David took this picture, teasing Malcolm to stand next
to a picture of he and the Pope, in the Muggeridge home in Sussex, England,
April 4, 1984.

2. Malcolm's lovely and gentle wife Kitty. Of great intelligence and
wit, she provided a healthy lunch and real warmth and
hospitality. She entered the Church at the same time as her husband.

3. Kitty took this picture with David's camera as the two look at a
picture of Malcolm with the Pope.

4. David with Piet Derksen, a wealthy Catholic businessman who gave his
fortune in support of his Faith. Mr. Derksen provided David with the seed money
to begin the Catholic foundation for Human Life. This picture was taken in
Eindhoven at the Derksen home, April 5, 1984. Mr. Derksen is now deceased.

5. The first picture taken of David with Mother Teresa by Sr. Silvia,
M.C., then superior of the convent in Rome where David's first meeting with
Mother took place on April 9, 1984. They talked in this tiny room for two
hours, a sacristy right next to the convent's Chapel, where they had
prayed together before their conversation.

6. Sister Silvia took this picture in the courtyard of the convent,
just moments after the long conversation Mother had with David, April 9, 1984.
The joy and great happiness David experienced on this day is plain to see.

7. Second picture taken at the same time and place.

8. David took this picture in that first week in Rome, in April of
1984. Whenever the Roman people learned that Mother Teresa was in town,
they would come in great numbers to see her. She would come out and greet
them and give each of them a sacramental medal of the Immaculate
Conception, called the "Miraculous Medal". This another convent of the
Missionaries of Charity in Rome near San Gregorio el Celio
about a mile from the Colliseum.

9. A photo of Mother and His Holiness taken by a professional
photographer in the early eighties. David purchased the
photo in Rome because of its moving simplicity.

10. Monsignor John Magee, Papal Master of Ceremonies met with David
after Mother Teresa sent a letter to him which asked him to arrange a
private meeting with the Pope through his friend Msgr. Stanislaw
Dziwisz, private secretary to Pope John Paul II. Msgr. Magee kept the
original letter as a relic of Mother Teresa and sent a copy to Msgr. Dziwisz.
Msgr. Magee had been personal secretary to Pope Paul VI for his entire
pontificate and is now Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland. He and David became
good friends over a number of years. David has a great deal
of affection and respect for this man.

11. David with Msgr. Justin Regali in April of 1984 in the Vatican Secretary
of States offices. Msgr. Regali was Director of the English Language Section
at the time and David wanted to discuss problems in his own Moncton
Archdiocese in 1984. Regali is now Cardinal Archbishop of
Philadelphia in the U.S.

12. This is a photo taken by the Papal photographer, Arturo Mari from
the altar area before the Mass on April 16, 1984, David is the last
person on the left in the back row. This is where he chose to sit
when at 6AM he was ushered into the tiny private chapel of the Pope.
He spent 25 minutes alone with His Holiness, who was dressed in white
and in deep prayer at his pre-dieu. David was 39 and will never forget
the glory and singular favour of the Lord of those moments.

13. This is the first photo taken of David with the Pope alone in the Pope's
study. It remains David's favorite because it is "everything as it should be, me
on my knees, weeping before the Vicar of Christ. It's worth reading the
story of this and the following pictures in the section 'About David'.

14. The second the Pope says, "Get up now, that is a very
hard marble floor, Mother Teresa has found favour with your work,
please tell me all about it."

15. The Pope is very fatherly and touches David on the shoulder while
listening and asking questions about David's plans. He brought lots of material
to show the Pope and they talked for about 40 minutes. After, he asked his
other secretary to stay with David to learn more.

16. The Papal Study, just outside of the private chapel. The end of the table is
where the Pope often sits to meet Bishops on their ad limina visits. He is known
also to sign important documents here. David took this picture.

17. This gentleman is the Pope's official photographer, Arturo Mari who has been
with the Pope almost from the beginning. The Pope is very thoughtful and he
knows people would like to have photos taken of them with him, and this is the
man chosen to do it. It is an act off charity performed with real professionalism.
He and David were always pleased to see each other on David's many future trips.

18.  Archbishop Edouard Gagnon looks over the Square at the first World Youth
Day gathering in April of 1984. Gagnon who was soon made a Cardinal, is
a Canadian and at the time President of the Pontifical Council for the Family.
He was the only member of the Roman Curia from Canada. Three days after
David took this photo, the Pope appointed Gagnon as Vatican Collaborator to
The Catholic Foundation for Human Life, the first time this has ever happened
to benefit a lay organization. This signal privilege has never happened before
or since. During David's visit with Archbishop Gagnon on this day, the matter
had never been discussed or even imagined. David took this picture.

19.  This picture was taken by Archbishop Gagnon from the patio of his
apartment. David and his Eminence became good friends and collaborators
over the years. The Pope was concerned that all the youth below had not had
occasion to receive the Sacrament of Penance while in transit to this first
World Youth Day, so he arranged for 800 priests to disperse among
them to hear their confessions.

20.  This picture was taken by David on Palm Sunday, April 15,1984, in St.
Peter's Square, from the seats where he sat with Cardinal Gagnon and
Mother Teresa. It was snapped just as the Pope was looking their way.
It is Msgr. John Magee following him, the Papal
Master of Ceremonies. It was a beautiful warm day and David was in a
state of wonderful glory! This is the first Mass he
enjoyed so close to the Pope. The very next morning, he had his first
Private Mass and Audience with John Paul II.

21.  Picture taken on June 25, 1985 when Mother was in Moncton, N.B., Canada
to officiate at the formal opening of the catholic Foundation for Human Life and
to speak at a Rally of LIfe at the Moncton Coleseum before 8-10 thousand
people. More photos of that occasion with be placed following this one
at a later date.

"How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."

22.  This photo is now published all over the world. It was taken by David on May 24,1986
at one of Mother's convents in Rome. She had asked David to meet Italy's pro-life leaders
who arrived with their beautiful little baby. When Mother held the baby, David snapped
this photo, showing how they instantly fell in love with each other.
This photo copyrighted 1986 David T. Little. Seek permission before using.

23.  Taken by Arturo Mari on Penecost Sunday in late May of 1986. This is
the first of three occasions where David received Holy Communion
from HIs Holiness on Penecost Sunday, twice in St. Peter's
Square and another inside the Basilica.

24.  Mother, His Holiness and David talk in the Clementina near the papal
apartments. David was invited to attend a very special occasion with
Mother Teresa, which is detailed under the first photo of this Gallery at the top.

25.  Photo shows the stunning beauty of the Clementine Hall as Mother gives
a short talk thanking His Holiness for welcoming all the adopted
children and their parents. There were about 400 children and their
parents present. This was May 26, 1986.

26.  After Mother's brief talk, the Pope stood and invited all the media
photographers to come up to the throne podium, because,
he said, "I'm going down there", and he came and sat with Mother, on
his left, Mother's European superior on his right, and David to
her right. All the children at his feet came from India, saved from
hysterotomy abortions by Mother and her sisters and
given to these wonderful parents in adoption.

27.  This is the Monstrance given to David by his Holiness, who asked the
Pope to present it to Mr. Owen Traynor whom David brought to
visit the Pope. Mr. Traynor was founder of Perpetual Eucharistic
Adoration of Los Angeles.

28.  In late summer of 1986, Mother asked David to meet with her in Quebec
City at Cardinal Vachon's residence. David brought
several members of the head office staff of The Catholic foundation for
Human Life for the visit as well as his two sons.

29.  Inside Cardinal Vachon's residence, David sits with Mother, his two
sons Marc to Mother's right and Pierre to her left. the Lady to
Marc's right was a supporter of the CFHL and badly wanted to
meet Mother Teresa, so David invited her along.

30.  Mother has a chat with Pierre Little, then 16, and a minor seminarian
with the Legionaries of Christ.

31.  David and then-Bishop Stanislaw Dziwisz in his office in the Papal Apartments
June 19, 2001.

32.  On June 25, 1985 at the Official Opening of the CFHL Headquarters, David's father, Douglas A. Little was introduced to Mother Teresa. He was about to undergo a quadruple heart bypass and asked Mother for her prayers. David's mother Anne, was also there and is obscured in this photo. Mother wrote a brief note to David's father that gave him great comfort and confidence and he went through the operation with great peace.

33-36.  At various times when meeting with Mother in Rome, David and Mother discussed various aspects of the Catholic Foundation for Human Life. Because Mother specifically assisted David in forming the CFHL, she is considered along with Pope John Paul II as a Co-Founder.

37.  This photo was taken in the summer of 1990 when Mother and David visited some of her several convents in Rome. This convent was largely for African and Asian mothers who had children and were abandoned on the streets of Rome.

38-39.  These two photos show David and Fr. Sebastian, the founder of the Missionaries of Charity - Contemplative Brothers an institute composed of brothers and priests whose members take public vows of chastity, poverty, obedience and wholehearted free service to the poorest to the poor in Rome, Albania, India and Ghana. Photo 38 shows David and Fr. Sebastian at San Gregorio, the largest of Mother's convents, near the Coliseum. Photo 39 shows David with the Brothers at Casa Serena in Rome where they have a special home for street poor men who stay each night and leave in the morning looking for work. Father Sebastian is on David's right with the 'Tam' hat. These are one happy bunch of men.

40.  This was taken at the Missionaries of Charity convent called "San Gregorio" the largest of Mother's convents in Rome. Sr. Sylvio was the one who first greeted David when he met Mother for the first time in April of 1984. David thought in meeting her that she was the most beautiful religious sister he'd ever seen!

41.  Pope John Paul II loved Msgr. Emery Kabongo (Kanundowi) very much; the Pope always called him "Emery" or "Kabongo". John Paul found him during his first visit to Brazil. He was Private Secretary to the Pope from 1980 to 1986. In December 1987 the Pope appointed him Bishop of Luebo of the Dem. Republic of the Congo, then known as Zaire. Emery became a very close friend of David and came to his home in Riverview, New Brunswick in 1989, spending 10 days with him. In this photo David took Emery to meet his parents, Doug and Anne in Fredericton. The pectoral cross Emery is wearing was a gift from the Pope who received this from the people of Krakow, Poland. He now resides at the Vatican and assists as a Canon at St. Peter's Basilica. David has visited him at his apartment there several times since.

42.  Monsignor Vincent Tran Ngoc Thu became english speaking Private Secretary to Pope John Paul II after Kabongo was made an Archbishop. Msgr. Thu was a gentle soul with a wonderful smile. In this photo he and David are in one of the throne rooms of the papal apartments. When Fr. Anthony Zimmerman,SVD, learned of David's close friendship with Pope John Paul, he called David from Japan at a moment when David was about to leave for Rome. Father was undergoing a persecution from his superiors who wanted him to desist from opposing contraception in Japan. David gladly invited hime to come to CFHL Head Office in Moncton, and they flew to Rome together. Msgr. Thu took the case under his wing with the Pope's referral and got the Apostolic Signature to rule. They informed the SVD, (Societas Verbi Divini, Latin for the Society of the Divine Word) to stand strongly with Fr. Zimmerman and end any and all interference with his apostolate in defence of chastity and Humanae Vitae.

43.  In 1993, Mother Teresa and David wanted to have a major event in Moncton to celebrate the publication on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Mother would come and speak along with the Prefect of the Congregation of the Clergy, Cardinal Sanchez, pictured above with David in Rome. David arranged a meeting with the Cardinal and Mother at San Gregorio. The meeting went well, Sanchez approved. Thinking this might be the breakthrough needed with his own bishop, David contacted Archbishop Chiasson in Moncton, and ran into a brick wall. David knew Chiasson did not have much interest in the Catechism because Humanae Vitae was often cited. The heretical opposition of the encyclical by the Canadian bishops in the fall of 1968 gave David's bishop a way out. He would not approve the visit. The evil one had a great victory in this one.
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