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The Inherent Racism of Population Control
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This extremely well re-searched document was authored by a Canadian graduate of Christendom College as a final graduate thesis. He then continued his education and graduated from a major American Law School in Florida. He is now employed by a major law firm in the US and wishes at this point to remain anonymous.
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Brochure: Abortion And Your Taxes
Free Dominion - Nov 9, 2007
Stand Your Ground - Nov 9, 2007
Free Dominion - Dec 8, 2007
Stand Your Ground - Dec 8, 2007
Blue Wave Canada
Jamespot - July 29, 2008
No Apologies - Aug 25, 2009
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Anti-abortionist won't give up
Mar 27, 2009

Little not backing down in fight against tax-funded abortion
June 15, 2009

Mr. Little's Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada
Aug 20, 2009

Our Appeal Document to The SCC Seeking Leave to Appeal
Oct 15, 2009

The Crown Response to our Appeal Document
Nov 12, 2009

Our Rebuttal to Crown (SCC)
Nov 18, 2009

Supreme Court of Canada: Judgment to be Rendered in Leave to Appeal
Jan 11, 2010

Decision of Supreme Court on Seeking Leave to Appeal
Jan 14, 2010

News article: Leave to Appeal denied
Jan 15, 2010

David: "Where Do We Go From Here?"
Jan 15, 2010

David's Statement in Court
Apr 8, 2010

Journal-Pioneer Article: page 1  page 2
Apr 17, 2010

Letter to Pope from Jail
May 10, 2010

Canadian Press: Charges Dropped
Aug 11, 2010

Daily Gleaner: Charge stayed
Aug 11, 2010

LifeSiteNews: Canadian Gvmt Lets Off Pro-Lifer
Aug 13, 2010

Pro-Lifer Challenges The Abortion-Funding Tax Regime - And Wins
Aug 17, 2010

The Vancouver Sun: Tax Case Dropped
Aug 17, 2010

NATIONAL POST: Canada Revenue Agency stays charges
Aug 18, 2010


1982 Interview with David on tax-funded abortion
Feb 22, 1982

Catholic Register article: Pro-life Unity Is Essential If Success To Come Soon
July 16, 1983

2005 Advertisement refused by 'The Interim', Canada's largest pro-life Newspaper

Mr. Little's Statement at National Press Conference, January 28, 2005
Jan 28, 2005

Anti-abortion activist goes to court over taxes
Jan 28, 2005

Court grants abortion foe month to prepare case
Feb 3, 2005

Miramichi Leader Guest Column
Oct 22, 2007

Letter to the Editor sent to multiple newspapers in North America
Oct 24, 2007

Press Release re. Judge Jackson's Decision
Nov 9, 2007

CBC: N.B. anti-abortion activist refuses to pay tax fine
Nov 9, 2007

Blue Wave Blog: N.B. anti-abortion activist refuses to pay tax fine
Nov 9, 2007

N.B. anti-abortion activist fined and ordered to file tax returns
Nov 9, 2007

Ordered to File Taxes, Anti-abortionist is Fined
Nov 9, 2007

N.B. abortion foe fined, ordered to pay taxes
Nov 9, 2007

Anti-abortion activist fined, ordered to file tax returns
Nov 10, 2007

The Picket Line
Nov 12, 2007

Appeal Launched to Higher Court - News Story
April 5, 2008

Anti-abortionist hospitalized
July 8, 2008

Activist says his money will not pay for abortion
July 28, 2008

Activist says his tax dollars will not pay for abortions anymore
July 28, 2008

Activist says his money will not pay for abortion
July 28, 2008

Abortion foe balks at income tax
Oct 20, 2008

Anti-abortionist gets court date to answer for unpaid-fine charge
Oct 4, 2008

Anti-abortion protester must pay taxes, N.B. court rules
Oct 24, 2008

Anti-abortionist's tax appeal dismissed
Oct 25, 2008


New video by Fr. Corapi:
  Corruption in the Church

Must Read - New Book On
  Our Apocalyptic Age:
What Heaven Is Calling Us To Do

Book Review of the above

POWERFUL: Arch. Burke's Address
Catholic Prayer Breakfast
May 8, 2009

Poem, Bl. Teresa: "Anyway"

Denver Arch. Chaput Address
Feb.23, 2009

New Video (Run time: 60 sec.)

Signs of the Times, Mar. 26, 2009


Apr.29 Court Victory
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