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The power of evil men lives on the cowardice of the good.  - St. John Bosco (1815-1888)

Mr. David Little,

Mother Teresa, Pope John-Paul II, David Little
May 26, 1985

Mr. Little's last visit with the Holy Father
June, 2001

ANNOUNCING the re-opening of The Catholic Foundation for Human Life - CFHL

In April of 1984 Mother Teresa and David Little talked on the phone, he in Riverview New Brunswick, she in Calcutta. Mother asked David to meet her in Rome, and they met on April 9th for the first time. We talked for two hours alone. Mother left for a few minutes and came back with a letter, and said to me, "I want you to take this letter to the Pope." The letter was to the Pope's first English private secretary, Msgr. John Magee. A few days later I found myself invited to a Private Mass with the Pope on April 16th, 1984. Folks may read more on this by clicking "About Mr. Little". On June 25th of 1985 Mother Teresa came to Moncton NB to cut the ribbon to officially open the Catholic Foundation for Human Life. A huge rally with 8000+ people was held that day at the Moncton Coliseum, the largest stadium in Atlantic Canada at the time.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to cooperate together in opening Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) in Canada and the USA.

Two million dollars plus was donated to the CFHL over the next few years and several CPC locations were opened: in Moncton a CPC centre was opened as a model and training centre for those chosen to be trained to run a CPC. Centres were very soon opened in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Brooks, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, all in Alberta; and Timmons. Windsor, and London in Ontario. In Detroit, a CPC was also opened and another at the US Head Office of the CFHL in Washington DC.

We trained countless persons at our model CPC in Moncton in the first two years. It's estimated that more than 100,000 babies have been saved by CFHL pregnancy centres to 2017.

It's most important to note that our centres were so successful because they were promoted in the media and in the telephone book ADS under this title and with this information:

Free Confidential Services
and Information Related to Pregnancy and Abortion
Free Pregnancy Test No appointment necessary.
Financial Assistance Available
Call any time. (phone number)

This is called a neutral image pregnancy centre, meaning that if you simply advise in your ad, "Pregnant, Need Help?" or like wording, you will NEVER find the countless girls and women who are really looking for an abortion.

If a girl calls and says, "Do you do abortions there?", we say, "We don't discuss our services without a pregnancy test. The test is free. How soon can you come in?" When she comes in, we immediately give a pregnancy test. Then we say, "While we are waiting the results of the test, we want you to watch something on video." We take her to our video room and we press the button which shows the famous Nilsson Swedish video of an intrauterine child from zygote to a new born delivered! After viewing this, we ask her to press the other button which shows slides of what an abortion is really like. An unborn child is eventually seen drowned in a bucket of water. Another shows several near full term babies dead in an open black garbage bag.

85% of the women/girls who see those slides and leave that room have decided to bring the child to birth! If they choose adoption, we help them. Mother Teresa was a great help there. She helped David access adoption services in the US and Canada.

Some have accused us of false advertisement or worse. We never tell any lies, NONE !!

Our response to such nonsense is that an unborn child in the womb is every bit as sacred as a born baby or any person living!

Suppose you were a Catholic or other Christian in Germany during the Nazi regime and you were trying to help Jewish folks from certain death by keeping then in your home secretly like Anne Frank. And an SS squad knocked on your door and demanded, "Do you have any Jews in this house??" You could truthfully answer, "NO".

They are not here for YOU because you are going to murder this person or persons. It's similar to a person starving to death and no one will offer food to him or her. That person is justified in "stealing" that food because his right to life is greater than any possession, especially a basic necessity like food!

"No circumstance, no purpose , no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit , since it is contrary to the law of God which is written in every human heart, knowable by reason itself." - Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 62


Mr. Little has made a most important and significant decision since he decided to fight the Canadian Government over it's use of public money to pay for abortions in the that country.

He established several Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPC's) in Canada and the United States when he met Mother Teresa for the first time in 1984. Mother was very glad to help as her MC sisters had already assisted in other centres in the USA.

Most of these early CPC's are still in operation. However when Mr. Little turned them over to the staff he had paid for several years, they could not raise the money for the full time employment of a devout Catholic of Christian Registered Nurse to be paid weekly based on the policy of the CFHL.

A well paid nurse - full time - to women seeking abortion, is how Planned (Banned) Parenthood kills so many children. They raise billions to keep these murder 'clinics' open full time.

Jesus said, "Would that the children of light were as industrious as the children of darkness"

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